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Sources: Manning set to retire at the end of the season

Darren Conolly reported on twitter at roughly 10:45 pacific time and reported one of the first rumours of the Broncos quaterback potentially retiring. A chain of tweets are saying that he may retire but no other sources have reported.

Heres the tweets:


“@DConnollyNFL: BREAKING: Source close to situation: #Broncos QB Peyton Manning is “leaning strongly towards retirement” after 2013-14 season #NFL

“@DConnollyNFL: Source also says “Manning is willing to put it all on the line for one more ring but the risks outweigh the benefits for him to continue”

“@DConnollyNFL: Expect if asked for any reports/Q’s concerning retirement talk to be shot down for now, Manning will announce on his own terms (continued)”

“@DConnollyNFL:  However, Manning has privately told people in his inner circle that he is almost certain that this is his last season #Broncos #NFL





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