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images45.jpgYou can submit your article to the page administrator. We are always looking for great story’s and what a better way of doing that then to open it up to our readers! Just Email your article to our page admin and they will post it. Make sure you put your name on it and please do not do a copy and past job from other articles. Plagiarism is illegal and will not be excepted on this blog. Remember our Admin. has the right to post or not post your article. Please reference the mandatory criteria listed at the bottom of this page before you submit your blog. Happy blogging!


Please follow below listed criteria before you submit your article. Thank you!

1. No racist comments

2. No cursing

3. Check your facts

4. Use proper grammar (No “u” for “you”, “y” for “why”, ect.)

5. If you use any material to write your article please provide a link or reference at the bottom

6. The contents of your article must be about the following:

  • NFL Wide News and Opinions
  • AFC West News and Opinions
  • Any AFC West Team News and Opinions

The page administrator reserves the right to edit any part of your article to fit within these guidelines. If an article is edited by the administrator that article will not be posted until approved by the author. The administrator reserves the right to delete your article if it is determined not to be within the above guidelines.  A notice will be sent out to the author describing the reason for being deleted. The page administrator reserves the right to change any of these guidelines at any time. If a change happens a notice will be sent out to all bloggers describing the new guidelines or simply return to this page and read the guidelines.


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