Do The Chiefs Already Have Another Tony Gonzalez?

Tony+Gonzalez+Denver+Broncos+v+Kansas+City+bW6hmIBt1HJlI remember the days of TG catching everything all over the field. He was magnificent, a true revolution to the TE position. So when trade talks were rumored that Tony could come back to Kansas City, I was truly hopeful they could find a way. Knowing this was imposable considering Atlanta would want far to much for him I was not all that surprised when the time came and then went with no deal done. Once the disappointment came and went, I started to think if KC fans would ever see another TE that could remotely fit the position that Gonzalez left behind, and I think I may have found him.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying if the Chiefs did this all things would be fixed. If they tried this it could potentially be a massive flop and you could be calling me an epic idiot after it all went terribly wrong. With that being said I think there’s a gigantic opportunity on this roster that the Chiefs are not taking advantage of. A opportunity that would not only solve a few problems with the offense but make this player finally show us why they pay him so much.

Who is this player? Well how about Dwayne Bowe? Bowe you say… Yes Bowe! So far this season he has not produced for this offense. Why you say? Well Alex Smith is the answer to that question. No, No, No, I’m not talking trash on Smith. I think he has been a fantastic fit for this offense. Problem is Bowe is big and slow which makes him an easy cover assignment for almost any NFL corner. He is not fast on his breaks and route running is not that crisp and clean and when he does run a fantastic route the corner can almost always catch right back up with him. Bowe is a type of WR you throw to his back shoulder, or up in the air and let him fight for it. Here lies the problem with Smith as his QB. Smith will not do any of that, he will not throw to Bowe unless he is completely open. How many times have you seen Bowe jump for a ball this season? ZERO!!!

nfl_g_bowe_600So here is my bold suggestion to Andy Reid, and he would probably will tell me I am completely nuts!
….If so he can give me a call, I would love to talk to Big Red!


I say why not set Bowe up as the second TE? It is no secret that Andy Reid loves to run the two TE set, so why not allow Bowe to set up on the weak side as that guy? Bowe is tall (6′ 2″) and big (221lbs) and we have seen this year he can block fairly well. He would also be a nightmare for any NFL linebacker to try to cover. With Bowe’s size and ball skill he could work the middle of the field like no one has seen. Well, since Tony Gonzalez… but maybe, just maybe he could be even better then TG in that position.

The Chiefs revolutionized the TE position with a former basketball player Tony Gonzalez, could they do it again with a WR turned TE with Bowe?





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