Meet the Chiefs 5th Round Pick Sanders Commings

The Chiefs select Sanders Commings in the 5th round

The Chiefs select Sanders Commings in the 5th round


Commings has already been drafted once -– in the 37th round of the 2008 Major League Baseball draft as an outfielder by the Arizona Diamondbacks. And if he continues on his present course, Commings can forget about trying to hit the curveball forever –- as he’ll be conscripted into the NFL.

He’s had his injury issues, missing five games of his senior year in high school with a cracked fibula and then redshirting the 2008 season with a shoulder injury. But he managed to stay healthy for all 13 games the following year, intercepting a pass and recording three of his season total of 12 tackles in the Independence Bowl against Texas A&M. Commings started nine of 12 games as a sophomore, picking off three passes and making 36 tackles. He became a full-time starter in 2011, beginning all 14 games, intercepting just one pass but breaking up 12 others. Commings missed the first two games of his senior season due to suspension, that resulted from a domestic violence charge. On the season, Commings intercepted three passes, and deflected two more.



It’s tough for teams to find corners of Commings’ size and agility to play with ever-growing NFL receivers on the outside. And his outfielder hands are easily seen with his ability to snatch throws within his frame or extend his long arms high or wide to deflect away passes coming towards his man. Commings has a hulking frame, and succeeds in being physical with wide receivers, and pressing them at the line. Productive special teams player.


His footwork and quickness aren’t elite – receivers too often get inside position on him and can race by when he pauses at the top of the route. His ability to create turnovers and awareness in zone coverage need to be improved, as well. He also raised some character red flags when he was arrested in January 2012 for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in public. He was suspended for the team’s first two games this fall, and agreed to drug and alcohol testing and anger management counseling.

NFL Comparison

Brandon Browner

Bottom Line

A cornerback with the build of a starting outside receiver (and the athleticism to have been a late-round MLB draft pick as an outfielder) will certainly generate interest among NFL scouts. As expected given his size, Commings can be physical and bully wide receivers. However, his footwork and quickness aren’t ideal for a corner, so there is a potential conversion to safety in his future.


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