Broncos Receiver Caldwell takes offense after not being invited to Duke practice

Denver Broncos wide receiver Andre Caldwell went public to express his feeling on not being able to practice at Duke with teammates Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker as well as Giants quarterback Eli Manning.


to practice receiving routes. Caldwell went on Instagram and posted a picture of a burning sheet of paper that read:


“No invite to Duke to run routes and catch passes. Damn right I took it personal”.



The response from followers were very different. Some said that he had every right to be offended while some said to step up his game.


Caldwell was drafted in the 3rd round by the Cincinatti Bengals (97th overall pick). In his first season with the Broncos he racked in 1 reception for 18 yards in only 8 games played. Caldwell’s production value was minimal for Denver last season and with Welker being added in the mix of Denver’s receiver set expect Caldwell to receive even less production. His minimal production is most likely why he didn’t get the call to go practice at Duke.


The Broncos organization, nor the players involved (Manning,Welker,Thomas and Decker) have yet to make a statement.




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