Raiders: Oakland inks a deal with Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins signs a 1-year deal with the Raiders

Mike Jenkins signs a 1-year deal with the Raiders

The Oakland Raiders were able to secure some much needed help and talent to their defensive backfield by signing a deal with CB Mike Jenkins. Jenkins reportedly signed a 1 year deal with the Raiders on Tuesday source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Jenkins was the Cowboys 25th overall pick in 2008 and was picked to play in the 2009 Pro Bowl as a member of the Cowboys. His play slowly declined which led Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to sign Brandon Carr to a huge five year $50.1 million dollar deal.

In March Jerry Jones had this to say about Jenkins, “Jenkins is very capable, I think a good cornerback, We happen to be pretty committed relative to the rest of our roster. We have to be pretty committed at cornerback. Under a different circumstances, Jenkins might be a little different story for us right now. He would be a different story right now, he certainly wouldn’t be out of our radar as far as having him of bringing him back as a starter. I think Jenkins is a starting cornerback in the NFL.”

Oakland is in desperate need of good caliber players especially in the cornerback position. Oakland will see some very good QB’s in their division including Peyton Manning, Alex Smith, and Philip Rivers. This is a very good value pick-up for Oakland.







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