Three AFC West Teams Make NFL Networks Best & Worst Rosters of 2013


The Raiders made the NFL Networks top 5 worst rosters of 2013

According to Chris Wesseling of NFL Networks Around the League, the Oakland Raiders(#2) and the San Diego Chargers(#5) are on the list of Top 5 Weakest Rosters.

The Raiders position at #2 did not surprise me, they are rebuilding from a salary nightmare from the Al Davis years and lost almost every big name they had on their roster.


The Chargers made the NFL Networks top 5 worst rosters of 2013

What did surprise me is the Chargers position at #5. I understand they have had a mediocre offseason but they really have not lost all that much. Really the only glaring holes they have is in the offensive line. With some good free agent lineman still out their to be had and the 2013 draft chalked full of offensive lineman. I really don’t see this to be such a horrible roster if they fill those needs.

Who should have made this list:

In my opinion the team who should have made this list was the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have lost some huge names on their roster on both sides. The problem with losing who they lost is they were all captains on their team. Sure they signed QB Joe Flacco but he ate up so much of their cap space they could not afford to keep anyone else. Look for Baltimore to have a bad year this year.


The Broncos made the NFL Networks top 5 best rosters of 2013

Earlier this week Wesseling picked the Top 5 Strongest Rosters with Denver being picked #2 on that one.

No big surprise for Denver, if they can keep Payton Manning healthy like they did last year and I had to bet, Denver would be my AFC pick for the Super Bowl.

Who should have made the list:

Where is Kansas City? They didn’t even make the honorable mention, KC has Pro Bowlers all over that roster. They recently signed Sean Smith, and Alex Smith which shored up their two huge concerns from last year. The only holes they have currently are in the offensive line. Like San Diego they will more than likely seal that up in the 2013 NFL Draft. Why isn’t KC getting any love?


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