Stanzi Who?

What is up with Ricky Stanzi?

What is up with Ricky Stanzi?

Well KC fans we have heard all we can about starting QB Alex Smith, and his backup Chase Daniel but what about Ricky Stanzi? Stanzi was drafted in 2011 with the 135th pick overall. No one is talking about this guy! So why?

Is he not good enough to start in the NFL? I really don’t think so, because if that were the case the Chiefs would have dumped him a long time ago.

Does the new regime plan on getting rid of him? I’m not so sure. If that were the case they would have done that by now as well. I mean he does not hold any trade value, and if he’s not good enough to be on the Chiefs roster, what are you worried about if he signs with another team?

Earlier this year Andy Reid said in a Kansas City Star interview

“There’s not enough film on him to make a good evaluation of where he’s at. Stanzi played in college and hasn’t done anything in the pros. So there’s a gap there, for sure.”

Fact is Stanzi showed absolutely nothing in preseason games, but that was most likely due to him running around for his life. Teams sent constant pressure at Stanzi throughout every game. I watched his preseason tape and noticed he was not able to set his feet due to the pressure. When he did have time to set, he was so flustered that he sent bad passes down the field and also made bad decisions with the ball. He did have some flashes of great plays but not too many to get all worked up about.

Ricky Stanzi was a winner at Iowa but what about the Chiefs?

Ricky Stanzi was a winner at Iowa but what about the Chiefs?

So I figured I would look at his college film since I was not getting anything from his pro film. This is where I saw the “Real Stanz”. A mobile QB that can set and make good reads down field. When Stanzi looked comfortable he was able to pick opposing defenses apart with very accurate passes. When the defense played deep he would run, when they played shallow he would put it over their heads.

In his time with the University of Iowa he steadily got better each year and finished 2010 with a 167.2 quarterback rating 3,004 yds, 25 touchdowns and only 6 picks in his senior year.

So what’s up KC? Why doesn’t Stanzi get a chance? Why are you holding on to him?

All signs point to KC is being patient with Stanzi. They want to build him not ruin him. The Chiefs are known to ruin QB’s because they put them in too quick. I believe they drafted Stanzi to be “The Guy”, but know they need to build him to that point. They knew Stanzi was going to be a project that took some time and effort to get him to “starting caliber”.

Problem for Stanzi is that Scott Pioli believed he could be “The Guy” but does Andy Reid and John Dorsey believe that as well? With them not cutting Stanzi, I believe that is a sign that they are willing to give him a shot. Prove to them what Stanzi proved to Pioli. Don’t forget that Reid and Pioli are good friends, and don’t think for second that Ried did not at least hear what Pioli had to say about this roster.

Reid and Dorsey shored up the first two QB positions with Smith and Daniels so I believe they will give Stanzi the opportunity to prove that he deserves to be on this roster. If he doesn’t then I think you will see them get rid of him this year and grab a guy they believe can improve and they can build for the future.


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