Is Baldwin A “Tweener”?

Thursday March 21st 2013 by KC58


Jon Baldwin Extends In The Air For The Football

Head Coach Andy Reid recently called Jon Baldwin a “tweener” at the NFL’s annual owners meeting in Phoenix.

“Baldwin is kind of a tweener. He does have good, long speed, not great long speed. He’s somebody that needs to continue to develop. That’s a position that you need time to develop in. We’ll see how he does.” Reid said.

So what is a tweener?

Tweener: A player that plays 2 or more positions because he is a very gifted athlete who could not possess enough size for one position or enough quickness for another. -definition from the Super Glossary

Be careful here Chiefs fans this statement by Reid does not mean that Baldwin will not have a place in this offense. Reid is a guy who does not give up on receivers that quickly.

So what does it mean? Kansas City signed Dwayne Bowe to a long term contract this offseason and also grabbed Donnie Avery out of Free Agency. Seems the two outside WR positions will be taken. They also have Dexter McCluster and Devon Wylie. So it seems that the slot position is taken. Where does Baldwin fit?

Baldwin has a unique talent that, in my opinion, is even more developed then Bowe. He can track a football like no other receiver I have ever seen.

Remember this catch by Baldwin?

Where might Baldwin line up?

Baldwin Showing He Can Go Up For The Ball and Has Strong Hands

Baldwin Showing He Can Go Up For The Ball and Has Strong Hands

Third Down, Short Yardage & Red Zone (Outside)

Baldwin has hands and leaping capability’s, he can go up and get those corner of the end zone and over the back passes. Great hands means he will also be dangerous in quick slant throws that you see on short yardage and third downs. Plus he is big and physical so you will want him blocking down field for Jamaal Charles.

Baldwin Showing He Can Hold On To The Ball In Tight Coverage.

Baldwin Showing He Can Hold On To The Ball In Tight Coverage.

First and Second Down and Third and Long (Inside)

This is where I see him transitioning a lot. Since a similar receiver in Bowe will be playing opposite him I don’t think he will be used in first through second downs in that outside position. That is where Avery will make his money. He could play in the slot or maybe even a Tight End in obvious passing downs. His size will be a mismatch for any third string CB, LB, or Safety. This creates a big problem for opposing defenses due to not knowing how or where Baldwin will line up or even what it means when he lines up there. The Chiefs can plug Baldwin in anywhere at anytime and make opposing defensive coordinators poop their pants.

I think this creates a unique opportunity for Baldwin and it makes some since to go along with Reid’s statement. I don’t think you will see less of Baldwin but more. If the Chiefs pursue using Baldwin like this, which I think they will, you could very well see him becoming one of the top receivers in this offense, and the NFL. Fantasy Football watch out!


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