NFL Owners Pass The Helmet Rule And End Tuck Rule

Wednesday March 20th 2013 by KC58

rodger goodellToday the NFL and the owners met and voted to pass a new rule and get rid of an old one. From now on no more tuck rule and a running back can not use the crown of their helmets to make forcible contact with defensive players in the open field.

The new rule was voted in with a 31-1 vote. Cincinnati was the only team who voted no. On Tuesday the league and owners voted to take the peel back block out of the game. Which makes this the second time this year the NFL has passed a rule to help protect defensive players.

There were a few teams that were concerned about how the new rule would be enforced by officials but Rodger Goodell put those worries to rest. He showed them videos that showed the differences in a legal and illegal moves by running backs. The owners then voted and then praised the decision. “There was a lot of discussion but the way it was presented was the most effective way to address it.” said Steelers President Art Rooney.

134042826_crop_exactThe penalty will be 15yds from the spot of the foul, but if both players lower their head and use the crown of their helmet then both will be penalized. Jeff Fisher, co-chairman of the competition committee said ‘We had discussions with the players association and the players themselves, the coaches’ subcommittee, a lot of people talked to us about this rule and how to roll it out in our game.”

Rooney later said with a smile “Jim Brown never lowered his head, it can be done.”

The tuck rule has been a thorn in the side of NFL fans since the very beginning. Now when a quarterback loses control of the ball and has not clearly tried to throw it, it will now be ruled a fumble. New England and Washington abstained and the Steelers were the only team to vote no. ”We didn’t think it was necessary to make that change, we were happy with the way it’s been called.” Rooney said.


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