Building Back Trust In KC

Wednesday March 20th 2013 by KC58

Pioli was fired by the Chiefs to make way for Andy Reid and Dorsey in 2013

Pioli was fired by the Chiefs to make way for Andy Reid and Dorsey in 2013

Dorsey and Reid have a gigantic hill to climb in KC. The Kansas City Chiefs have lost the trust of the fans during the Scott Pioli days. Some may ask why, but before I get there I think it is important to pick through the Pioli days to find out. You will see it has been a steady decline.

The Chiefs have always prided themselves with being a blue collar football team. They played and won for the fans.  They have shown this over the years with players getting out in the community and being open and honest with the media. Then in January 2009 Pioli came into town and all that was about to change.

Scott Pioli came in and wanted complete control of the football team which was something owner Hunt was really not wanting to do. With him recently firing long time GM Carl Peterson, Hunt was looking to make a splash with a big signing of someone who will bring this team back. Pioli at that time was the guy who was highly sought after. He was the top candidate in the NFL for a GM spot. So going against his better judgment Hunt went after him and promised him complete control.

Pioli then hired Arizona Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley to be his head coach. I believe this was a request by Owner Clark Hunt because Clark wanted the best he could get and at that time Haley was a hot commodity. Pioli just allowed his boss to have his one desire and signed Haley. Todd was a fiery coach with a lot of passion. Although most of the time it looked like he was too busy with football to take a shower, I really liked this guy. He brought some attitude to this organization. From the beginning it seemed Haley had a clear direction for this team and Pioli had another one just opposite from it.


Fiery Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley

I believe Haley was against the signing of Matt Cassel from the beginning but what was he going to do when his GM, that had complete control over all football operations, really wanted him? Cassel came in and Haley went to work. Haley and Pioli butted heads throughout the first year with a record of 4-12 in 2009. During this time the Chiefs have become somewhat unavailable in the community. Once when Chiefs were seen very regularly throughout KC, now no one has seen any of them anywhere. Fans started to talk about the Pioli regime being too strict with players getting involved with community. The local press was talking about how they were not allowed access to players and coaching personnel like they once have. Something fishy was starting to happen in KC!

Then came 2010 and Pioli signed some awesome coach’s named Charlie Weis (Offensive Coordinator) and Romeo Crennel (Defensive Coordinator). With these new coach’s the fan base was excited about the Chiefs once again and they did not disappoint. The Chiefs finished the season with a 10-6 record and a division title. Everyone was excited about this in KC all except Todd Haley. I think he knew that he would now be required to repeat 2010 in 2011 but his team did not have the depth that it needed and he knew it.

In 2011 it all fell apart for Haley just like I think he knew it would. Several star players got hurt including Matt Cassel, Toney Moeaki, Jamaal Charles, and Eric Berry. Without the depth in those positions the season was basically over. I believe that Haley knew if he had any chance of grabbing a high pick in next years draft he probably needed to continue to loose. So why not see what your back up QB had and if he could live up to being the back up for years to come. This is were I believe the situation between Pioli and Haley came to head. Pioli had just signed Kyle Orton and wanted Haley to play him. Haley refused so Pioli fired him.

Pioli keeping a close eye on Romeo

Pioli keeping a close eye on Romeo

In comes new acting Head Coach Romeo Crennel. I love old Romeo but as a DC not as a HC. Romeo did what he was supposed to do, which was what ever Pioli told him to do. He put Orton in and won the last 3 of 4 games of the season finishing with a 7-9 record. Leaving the Chiefs out of reach of the playoffs and out of reach of a good draft spot for a QB.

In 2012 Pioli needed and wanted a yes guy and Romeo proved he could be that guy in 2011. So Pioli promotes Crennel to the HC position. With all the pieces back in personnel plus some much needed depth in the roster 2012 seemed like it was going to be a great year for the Chiefs. Not so much. The great QB Matt Cassel was back to sucking and the team lacked any type of leadership from the coaching staff. KC finished with a dismal 2-14 record.

New General Manager Dosey and New Head Coach Reid are welcomed to Kansas City

New General Manager Dosey and New Head Coach Reid are welcomed to Kansas City

Now the fan base was pissed. Calling for Pioli’s head, arms, legs what ever they could get their hands on. Pioli had officially lost the fans in KC. Owner Clark Hunt knew it and knew he had to change things in the organization. Hunt fired HC Romeo Crennel and hired Coach Andy Reid. Fired GM Pioli and then hired GM John Dorsey. He also changed how things were done. Instead of the HC reporting to the GM now the HC reports to Hunt and the GM reports to Hunt as well. This gives Reid a lot of room because now he doesn’t have a guy who is in charge of personnel telling him what to do. The owner is calling the shots and if Reid tells Hunt he wants someone Hunt can make sure it happens.

This was the best move that owner Clark Hunt could have made. The new GM Dorsey is a Midwest guy. Hard working and open and has said he wants the players to get out and involved with the community. Head Coach Reid is a proven HC that has shown he can take a team to the next level. Chiefs fans are excited again and are looking forward to the 2013 season.

This is completely my opinion and does not reflect the opinion of the AFC West Football blog. This is from a fan that was on the outside attempting, for a long time, to see what was going on in the Chiefs organization. I have only taken what has been leaked out and the small glimpses of what went on behind closed doors to form this opinion. Now maybe if Scott Pioli would have been more open then maybe my opinion would be different. But until he comes out and tells us what went on, then this will be my opinion and insight on what I think happened to the Chiefs.


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