Possible Rule Changes for the NFL

Sunday March 17th by KC58

134042826_crop_exactMonday through Wednesday Rodger Goodell,  NFL coaches, general managers, and owners will be in Phoenix for the NFL league meetings. They will go over some possible rule changes and other important topics including changes to the replay rules, field goal attempts, the tuck rule, jersey numbering, blocking rules, and running backs leading with the crown of their helmets.

Here are the rule proposals:

Proposal #1Changes to the replay rules:

  • Change the replay challenge penalty when play is not reviewable. Example: if a coach threw a challenge flag after a scoring play, that was already going to be reviewed, by rule the booth can no longer review the play. With this change the booth could still review the play but instead the coach would lose a timeout. If the team does not have a timeout then they would receive a 15 yard penalty.
  • Incomplete passes could also be reviewed as a fumble if a there is a possible recovery by the defense.

Proposal #2Field Goal Attempts:

  • No more then 6 rushers on either side of the snapper.
  • Long Snappers would be considered defenseless players.

Proposal #3Tuck Rule:

  • Complete removal of the tuck rule

Proposal #4Numbering Conventions:

  • Tight Ends and Half Backs can wear numbers 40 – 49

Proposal #5Blocking Rules:

  • Elimination of “Peel Back” Blocks within the tackle box. Right now they are acceptable inside the box but not outside.

Proposal #6Runner Can Not lead with the crown of the helmet:

  • This rule would make it illegal if the runner lowers his head and makes forcible contact with the crown of the helmet. This will only be enforced when the runner and opponent are outside the tackle box.






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