Avery Signing Means Fewer Big Runs For Charles

Sunday March 17th by KC58

jamaal-charlesHuge news came out of the Chiefs camp this past week with news of Donnie Avery signing with Kansas City. A great pick up for the Chiefs for many different reasons, but could a side affect of this be that Jamaal Charles doesn’t break off as many big runs as he has in the past?

Charles is a fantastic runner with great vision and can hit a hole like very few can. In the past the Chiefs have had slow receivers so almost every game the opposing defenses have stacked the box and played their safety’s shallow. This left the safety’s out of position and no one playing deep to stop Charles if he got to the third level and how many times have we seen that?

Donnie-Avery-Waiver-Wire-500x487Since KC now has a WR (Donnie Avery) that can take the top off of the defense and they have a QB (Alex Smith) who can actually put it down there, safety’s will start to play deep. This means that when Charles would have normally got into a foot race to the end zone he will either have to make a safety miss or get tackled after a 15  or 20yd gain.

Not saying that 15 or 20 yard gains are bad but we may have to see Charles get a few more touches in order to get to his 200yds per game mark.


In the video below you see the safety’s playing up even though the Saints have a 24 – 6 lead going into the 3rd quarter.



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3 responses to “Avery Signing Means Fewer Big Runs For Charles

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  2. A fragile, deep threat like Avery shouldn’t have a big impact on Charles’ success in 2013. He might not even make it out of camp as the WR2 with Jon Baldwin hanging around. We like Charles this season. We like him as the #7 RB overall, with Andy Reid having a solid track record favoring feature backs and getting elite production from them.

    • I don’t think Avery will affect Charles that much on Fantasy points you are correct. I think he will be a solid starter in any fantasy team. That being said I believe he wont break off that many big runs like he has in the past. Now when I say big I mean 30 or more yards. Avery might not start in the #2 spot but I think he will definitely be in the 3 WR sets, which the Chiefs will run more of with Reid’s spread offense. He may not get those 30+ yarders as much but I do think he will break more 10+ yarders next season which will balance his game out.

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