How Have The Chiefs Addressed The Needs?

Saturday March 16th by KC58

A while back ago I addressed some of the positional needs for the Chiefs before the chiefs teamNFL opened up for Free Agency. Below you will find the list and how the Chiefs addressed it or if they addressed it at all.

Positional Needs:


This is the highest priority on the Chiefs roster. Although it seems the Chiefs have taken care of it due to rumors coming out about a trade for Alex Smith.

  • Chiefs sign QB Alex Smith
  • Chiefs sign QB Chase Daniels

Defensive Lineman

While I think the Chiefs will resign Glenn Dorsey they might go ahead and cut him and go after another player in Free Angency. If they do I hope they go after someone who is much better. I believe the D Line proved themselves last year sending 3 LB’s to the Pro Bowl.

  • Chiefs let Dorsey walk so this became a much bigger need. Chiefs sign DE Mike DeVito

Corner Back

In my opinion the Chiefs still need to grab a good veteran CB to play opposite Flowers. I would not be afraid of paying big money for this position.

  • Chiefs sign Dunta Robinson
  • Here is my big money CB I was talking about but the Chiefs grabbed him for cheap! Chiefs sign Sean Smith

Running Back

I see another hole in the chiefs which is at that number 2 spot at Running Back. This is a position they need to address with a physical running back. I would not go with a RB that is big and slow due to the spread offense that will be run here. I think we will see them go after someone like Cedric Benson. Benson was highly regarded within the Green Bay organization which means he has some connections to new GM Dorsey.

  • Chiefs have not addressed this yet. That is ok, they will probably try to add depth to this position in the Draft.


There still is a gaping hole in that Linebacking core. 3 Pro Bowlers return to the Chiefs lineup in 2013, but wait there are 4 Linebackers in a 3-4 Defense! I’ll be completely honest I really don’t know how the Chiefs will handle this whether it will be through FA or the Draft but it needs to be covered. What we lack is a Inside Linebacker that can drop back into coverage and cover the middle of the field. I would like to see perhaps a conversion from OLB to ILB. Just think that would give the D a faster look plus provide coverage and you will have more options on blitz packages.

  • This is the biggest hole I see in the Chiefs D so far. They really need to bring in a big player for this spot. Whether that player comes in the Draft or in Free Agency that remains to be seen.

Wide Receiver

Not sure about this spot. If Baldwin performs like I think he will then there will not be a huge need for this position, but if he doesn’t then there will be a major need. I think maybe you cover you rear end and sign a good receiver for that ‘just in case’ scenario. We do have a good slot receiver in Dexter McCluster but what the Chiefs lack even with Baldwin and Bowe is that deep threat. I hear that they will be talking to Donnie Avery today and people are talking that Avery will probably sign. Good move? I think so, he will give the Chiefs that deep threat they have been lacking and would provide them with a little depth for ‘Just in Case’.

  • Chiefs sign WR Donnie Avery

Offensive Line

This is not a high priority because I think our Offensive Linemen did a great job last year, but I do believe they need to build a little depth.

  • Chiefs slap Franchise Tag on Branden Albert
  • Chiefs release Eric Winston
  • Chiefs sign T/G Geoff Schwartz

How do you grade the Chiefs on their Free Agency signings so far?



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2 responses to “How Have The Chiefs Addressed The Needs?

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  2. KC is gearing up to be one of the most improved offenses in the NFL. J. Charles is our #7 RB, D. Bowe our #14 WR, and A. Smith our #20 QB. The trio should be drafted in all leagues.

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