Chiefs Lose TE Steve Maneri

Saturday March 16th by KC58


Chiefs TE Steve Maneri recently tweeted
@stevemaneri: Chiefsnation: I won’t be returning to Kansas City next season.
@stevemaneri: Two of the best years of my life were in KC and for that I am grateful to my teammates, the city, the organization, and most of all the fans.


@stevemaneri: Thanks for all the love…some of the best fans in the world in KC!


With the recent signing of TE Anthony Fasano this does not come as big surprise. Maneri, who was a Tackle turned Tight End, showed some glimpses of talent last year but never really stood out. He became a free agent this year and I guess the price was not right for the Chiefs. The news is pretty fresh and not sure who signed him, that news will come out soon enough. This does mean that Chiefs lack any depth in the TE position. The only TE’s on the Chiefs roster currently are Anthony Fasano and Tony Moeaki. This will need to be adressed due to Moeaki’s inability to stay healthy during a season.

I kind of wished the Chiefs would have kept him. I thought he did a decent job last year and may have excelled a little more if they would have thrown him the ball more. He seemed to get really good separation, have good hands and had pretty good speed for a big TE. He would of provided that depth the Chiefs needed at this position.


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